Morning Tears China takes ownership

Morning Tears China takes ownership and ensures sustainability of projects aimed at protecting children in China

After almost 15 years working from grass-roots to higher level of decision and policy making, the international organization Morning Tears hands over to Morning Tears China its mission to continue to improve the standard of living and the protection of children of convicts.

Just as MT Germany or MT Spain, Morning Tears China is now an autonomous and independently run organization, with full ownership of its projects and total responsibility for its decisions, finances and future development.

The Morning Tears Alliance is happy to announce that Morning Tears China, the local independent organization run by a board of Chinese citizens concerned with the issue of child protection, has come of age and is ready to take full ownership of the mission and purpose of protecting children of convicts in China, which originally inspired the work of Morning Tears in this country, more than 15 years ago.

Morning Tears has built an excellent communication and profound trust relation with the Chinese authorities, through many years of working hand-in-hand with the local, regional and national administration to develop a better system for the protection of children in China. Only through this pragmatic work, high expertise and excellent level of technical knowledge from both sides, has it been possible to advance so much, so fast. Some main achievements have been drafting standards and training materials for the protection of children to be used all over China, preparing procedures and mechanisms to help and protect the children of convicts, and multiplying the impact of these improvements by working with the Zhengzhou Street Children Protection Centre, in Henan Province, which houses the National Training Centre for all Child Protection Centres in China. Exchanges of views, field visits, and profound debates with different ministries, and especially the cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Justice, have been essential.

And now the time has come for China to take full ownership of this mission. Morning Tears China will continue to cooperate with the Chinese authorities with the objective of protecting and promoting rights of the children - and especially children of convicts - in China, the purpose which originally guided the work of Morning Tears.

This “hand over” is not only fair - China is ready - but also timely - to comply with the local laws and regulations. It is also good progress and, most important, it is key to guarantee the continuation of the efforts for the protection of children in China, and the sustainability of the project.

In line with international good practice, after a certain amount of years of capacity building, financial support, technical and political cooperation, it is up to the local organizations to take over the projects and missions. “There is not much more we can do here, that Morning Tears China cannot do itself. This is the greatest success of our presence here: now, we are no longer necessary for the mission to continue”, declared Morning Tears founder and General Director, Koen Sevenants, who first arrived in China in 1998.

Morning Tears steps aside, but it will still assist Morning Tears China on any questions which may arise, especially during the first years of its take-off, as it has done with other local organizations in other countries. But Morning Tears China is now grown up, and it will be up to them to continue to work with the authorities, develop new projects, explore the evolving needs, and improve the protection of children throughout China.

Koen Sevenants and the Morning Tears Alliance would like to take this opportunity to thank all the thousands of people who, through these years, have contributed to the mission of improving child protection in China. From prison officials to police officers, common citizens, volunteers, authorities, companies, foreign embassies, journalists, foster families, donors and so many other anonymous individuals and groups. Without you, thousands of Chinese children would have suffered in silence, hopeless. Thanks to you, their life today is a bit better.

We hope that Morning Tears China can still count on you for the future. We step aside here. They take over. But the mission needs to continue. Thousands of children depend upon us.

For more information about the Morning Tears China, please visit their website.