Our History

Morning Tears started back in 1998 when Koen Sevenants was working in Xian (China) and met a group of children on the street every day when he heading home after work. Through talking with them he discovered that these children were all living in facilities for children of convicts. The “homes” were first established by four Chinese judges who realized that when parents are sentenced to long-term prison sentences the children are often left behind and risk losing everything. Koen started helping them on a voluntary basis in addition to his full time job. When the judges ran out of funds Koen felt a moral obligation to keep helping the children and as such, founded Morning Tears.

Over these past 15 years Morning Tears has gradually grown into a capacity building organization with extensive first-hand expertise in working with vulnerable children. Our mission is global and we are active in a growing number of countries around the world. Whenever possible, Morning Tears works with a child from the moment a parent is arrested through to post-release (when/if applicable). We also have the capacity to work at all levels from an individual child within one of our model projects to being active in international policy making forums such as the United Nations.