Morning Tears China / Shanghai Office

Morning Tears Shanghai Coordinator - April 2015

Job Description

The Shanghai Coordinator is the representative for Morning Tears in Shanghai and coordinates all activities of Morning Tears in Shanghai. Morning Tears Shanghai is part of Morning Tears China and plays a key role in the fundraising efforts of Morning Tears China. Morning Tears Shanghai covers its own operational costs and contributes to funding programs in China. All programs in China are managed from Beijing. The Shanghai coordinator reports directly to, and works closely with, the Program Support Manager in Beijing. The Beijing office is also home to the International Secretariat of Morning Tears responsible for coordinating international activities.

Responsibilities include the following:
1.  The day to day management of the Shanghai office, intern and volunteers

2.  Financial management of Morning Tears Shanghai (prepare information for professional bookkeeper in Beijing)

3.  Human resources, including supervise intern, motivate and coordinate volunteer/ event team, and recruitment

4.  Coordinate fundraising & donor management efforts in Shanghai

5.  Assist with visits from Morning Tears Director to Shanghai & Shanghai donor visits to projects

6.  Represent Morning Tears in meetings & events in Shanghai

The Shanghai Coordinator is supported and assisted by Beijing in the above mentioned tasks.

We are looking for someone passionate about making a difference in the lives of the children. He/she enjoys taking on diverse responsibilities and being part of a team in a growing non-profit organization in China. He/she ideally possesses the following qualities:

1.  Prior work experience in non-profit / fundraising, commercial experience is also an asset

2.  Experience in motivating and managing staff highly desirable. Experience working with volunteers would be a strong asset

3.  A good command of English (written and spoken) is crucial, Mandarin is very desirable

4.  Excellent networker, strong communication / presentation skills with attention for intercultural difference

5.  Can identify oneself with the mission of Morning Tears and our values

6.  A professional and reliable representative for Morning Tears in external meetings

7.  Desired personal qualities: reliable, results-oriented, problem solver, flexible and friendly

8.  Well-settled in Shanghai. Expat spouses and long-term residents are encouraged to apply

We have a national level impact in China on childcare and protection but we are a relatively small organization where staff time & resources are very precious. Please only apply if you are serious and intend to commit for a minimum of 12 months.

You will gain the following benefits:

1.  The chance to make a meaningful contribution to the improvement of lives of children of convicts in China and abroad

2.  A volunteer position at the forefront of childcare and child protection in China and abroad

3.  As a Shanghai Coordinator your work has very concrete and visible results

4.  A position in which you meet a diverse range of interesting people including business and community leaders

5.  Relevant work experience in a growing and innovative non-profit organization of which you are a key team member

6.  Support for future job applications / recommendation letters

If interested, please send your resume/CV to: stella.tang@moringtears.org.cn

For volunteer positions please refer to our volunteer section. We do not accept unsolicited applications. This page is updated as soon as positions become open and we encourage you to check regularly for updates.