Community Sponsorship

Your support as a Community Sponsor is much more than just a donation. Children of convicts are often invisible in society and together we can show them that they are neither forgotten nor alone in the challenges they face on a daily basis. They are innocent to the crimes of their parents but often lose everything. It is through your donation that we, step by step, can re-build the world for these children and give them a fair chance in life.

To be able to provide continuous good care for the children we need structural income. The Community Sponsor Program is designed to allow individuals, families, schools and others to support Morning Tears on a more structural basis instead of one-time donations. This way we can keep giving these children their life back.

How can you support us?

For EUR 20/month you can become a Community Sponsor. Larger donations are of course always welcome.

As a Community Sponsor you will receive the Children Morning Post newsletter three times a year updating you on the lives of the children you support. You can of course always call or email us if you have any further questions.

How your support is being used

Your donation is automatically earmarked to support children in one of the Morning Tears communities in China or Cambodia allowing us to give the children back what they lost, a normal life with a safe home, schooling, friends to play with etc. In addition, with your help, we can provide specialized psychological and medical support to help them overcome the traumas from their past. As we want to support the children in an equal manner the sponsorship is not for one specific child nor do we give the money directly to the children.

Your support means a lot to us and we are very committed to use it in an effective, efficient and transparent way. We always aim to use more than 83% for direct support to the children. In line with international best practices we intend to use a maximum of 17% of every donation for indirect costs like handling tax-deductible receipts, financial management, website maintenance, annual reports etc. Without this we wouldn’t be able to assist any children at all.

Sign-up in less than a minute

It’s easy. Just submit the online form below and complete your transfer with your desired payment method from our donation page.

When making the transfer please mention ‘Community Sponsor.’ You can choose whether to contribute per month, quarter or year, depending on what is most convenient for you. For more information on tax-deductible receipts please have a look here.

Upon receipt of your first contribution, you will receive a welcome email from your Community Sponsor Coordinator along with the latest Children Morning Post.

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