Awareness and Advocacy

The mountain of challenges an individual child faces when parents are imprisoned can be overwhelming. Combined with the fact that there are millions of children worldwide with a parent in prison the scale of the problem becomes visible and very real. Unfortunately, this number is growing every day.

In many countries around the world as the population rises, so does the prison population. Children of imprisoned parents are not criminals themselves but do have a statistically higher chance to walk the wrong path of life. In some cases they are forced to do so. This eventually results in a negative downward spiral with more incarcerations and more children who have a parent in prison. The problem is hidden but it has a very real impact on the life of a child and on society. In every country there are children who struggle because their parents are imprisoned, and sadly, this is not just a problem for children in developing countries.

We are committed to breaking this negative downward spiral and raising awareness is the first step. We engage and cooperate constructively with governments, civil societies and corporate actors to raise awareness on what can be done to allow these children to grow up with dignity. Together we can work on solutions. Problems can be similar both no country is the same. Solutions always need to be tailored to the local context with full attention for socio-economic, cultural and gender specific differences.

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