Non Profit Award at the Rotary Club Leadership Awards 2012

The Rotary Club Leadership Awards for non-profits are given to organizations with programs or projects that exemplify extraordinary managerial and innovative excellence and have a high commitment to socially responsible activities and represent notable models that encourage other individuals and organizations to be active in the community. Morning Tears received the first prize in 2012 in the category Non-Profit for opening the path towards the protection and care of children of convicts, a group until recent years invisible in society and often forgotten.

Christoffel Plantin Prize 2012

The Christoffel Plantin Prize is a Belgian prize of 10,000 Euros, intended to recognize Belgian citizens who have made significant impact in either a cultural, artistic, scientific or societal issue abroad. The prize also includes a medal created by Antwerp artist May Neama. Founder and Director of Morning Tears, Koen Sevenants, received this price from the Governor of the Province of Antwerp, Mrs. Cathy Berx, for his work for children of convicts.

China Charity Award 2010

Morning Tears was granted the prestigious China Charity Award by the Chinese national government in 2010. The Chinese government top prize honoured the Coming Home Program for its extraordinary contribution to social aid and the protection of children. This prestigious award is given once every five years.

International Friendship Award in 2009

In 2009 Morning Tears received the International Friendship Award from the Chinese municipality of Zhengzhou in recognition of the work done by Morning Tears for children of convicts in Zhengzhou.