Morning Tears Founder Dr. Koen Sevenants received Award for “La Solidaritat i a l’Accessibilitat 2015” on Mallorca, Spain



During the ceremony on October 7, at the Premis del Consell de Mallorca, Koen Sevenants highlighted the story of Fan Yi Xing, a girl of nine years. She is one of the Morning Tears children in our project in Henan Province and she was very happy that Koen was nominated for an award.

Times have not always been so cheerful for Fan Yi Xing. She came to us after her mother killed her father and she often had flashbacks of the traumatic experience. In our care slowly her nightmares stopped and she can now go to school again.

It is stories like these that made Koen Sevenants and Morning Tears be considered for this award. Congratulations to Koen Sevenants - and also to all the dedicated volunteers and staff that support our work for the children of prisoners.

We do not work to get awards - but it is in moments like these that we feel that our work is being seen and that people support our fight for the children of prisoners. These children are invisible. They will not unite to fight for their rights! They suffer alone, and in shame. They are afraid that even more people might know their secret. It is not their crime, but it is still their punishment.

But we can help them to become confident again with our work and we can share the limelight on them for a moment and make their plight be seen by others – to show we all care for the children and their future happiness.

We thank the committee to have selected Koen Sevenants’ work for this award and very much appreciate this support of the work of Morning Tears! We also thank the committee in the name of the children – who like Fan Yi Xing now are thriving and are no longer afraid to dream of their own positive future and many awards to come.