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morning tears alliance

Welcome to the official homepage of the morning tears alliance

The morning tears alliance is a non-profit organization that brings organizations together that have as a goal to improve the lives of children whose parents are in prison. The morning tears alliance is created to propel a worldwide movement to address the rapidly growing number of children that have a parent in prison.

There are at least 44 million children have a parent in prison. Prison populations are growing in 71% of the world's countries. Therefore, the number of children who suffer tremendous emotional pain due to imprisonment of a parent grows every day.

On this page, you will find specific information about the morning tears alliance and how your organization can get involved. Information about our projects and activities around the world is available here.


2012: Rotary Non Profit Award

2010: China Charity Award

Become a volunteer

The morning tears alliance is always looking for new volunteers. Look here to see how you can get involved with our organization.

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